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Mel Rau
Mel RauOwner / Founder
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Web/internet technology – 20+ years
Technology in general – 37+ years
Mel Rau on a sunny day

Meet Our founder Mel Rau. Mel was in her 13th year of life when she was first exposed to computers:  I will let her take it from here:

1977, summer vacation, Dad asked me to come help out at his office. My eyes were all aglow to see what my father did all day while he was away. Note – I am his favorite. 😉 One of the things he worked with, Punch cards!

A lady that I was working with, who had a great many years of wisdom beyond my then baby like age, was so concerned about dropping the punch cards on the floor! As some of you know, it was very important to have kept them all in order, otherwise, the computer program would not load right.  So I scratched my young head and said how could we avert such a tragedy? Ah ha! Number them! Which I did immediately.

A few days later I hear a screech from the computer room. I went to investigate. I see the same poor woman down on her knees, crying and praying quietly for help. I see the punch cards strewn every where! No Problem, I say to help comfort the poor woman.

She looks at me, eyes all full of hope as I showed her the numbers in the upper right corner of each punch card and the rest is history. More of the Story coming soon…